Dale on the Issues

Dale is for:

  • Saving jobs through less taxation and regulation
  • Reforming state government to get our money’s worth
  • Saving traditional marriage between one man and one woman (Dale led the fight to put Amendment One on the ballot)
  • Saving lives through organ donation (Heart Prevails Act)
  • Legislation that protects unborn children (Unborn Victims of Violence Act)
  • Reforming workers’ compensation (Put NC Back to Work Act)
  • Revising state government employee pensions and healthcare benefits (Benefit Statement for Employees)
  • Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Dale is against:

  • Illegal immigration
  • Wasteful government spending
  • Burdensome taxes and regulations that hinder economic growth
  • Forced annexation
  • ObamaCare

A Message From Dale

Why should you care who the next Lt. Governor is?

The next Lt. Governor has to be a verb, not a noun. Being a verb requires legislative experience, an ability to build bridges between the legislative and executive branches, and a good working relationship with the Governor.

I will continue to take care of the needs of two very special interests: the taxpayers and the future of North Carolina.

Every decision should answer the question, “How can we open or keep one more factory, business, or job in North Carolina?”

I will make sure we get our money’s worth out of the things that taxpayers have already paid for.

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