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My work with combating ESG is gaining a lot of national attention. So much so that I was featured on Fox Business not once, but twice within a week.

My first appearance was on “The Big Money Show” on August 9, where I discussed “Wacktivism” within investors. I’m working with other Republican state treasurers to probe Blackrock on its ESG investments.

Check out my appearance here: BlackRock’s Larry Fink has shown us who he is: NC Treasurer Dale Folwell | Fox Business Video

I was again on Fox Business less than a week later during “Mornings with Maria”. I even managed to stump Maria Bartiromo live when I highlighted her work anniversary!

Catch that segment here: BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s push for ‘wacktivism’ is ‘completely avoidable’: Dale Folwell | Fox Business Video

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